Data Protection Information

Data Protection

We, SMP Schinogl Müller & Partner GbR – Hamburger Allee 2-4 WestendGate • 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany, attach importance to the protection of your personal data, and comply with the legal restrictions pursuant to the German Data Protection Law. On this website (the “Website”), personal data is collected only to the extent permissible by law, and only insofar as having been provided by yourself using the available contact form (the “Contact Form”). Your personal data will not be transferred to third parties unless (i) required to answer your request, (ii) explicitly covered by your approval, or (iii) required by German statutory law

Hereinafter, we will provide you with a summary of the kind and purpose of the personal data collection performed by us via this Website, and the measures we take to protect these personal data:

Electronic Data Processing at this Website

The personal data sent by you via the Contact Form will be transferred by our web server, without any alterations, to an internal email address and stored at the respective mail server. Subsequently, the personal data will be transferred from the mail server into our customer management system (CMS) and stored there as well.

SMP Schinogl Müller & Partner GbR automatically collects and stores, by means of the server log files, the information sent to us by your internet browser.

This information may include:

  • your internet browser type and version
  • your operating system
  • referrer URL (i.e. the internet page visited by you immediately before visiting our website)
  • time stamp of the server request

These data will not be matched with data derived from other sources. Furthermore, these data will be deleted after statistical evaluation.


On several parts of our Website, so-called “Cookies” are made use of. Cookies serve the purpose to allow for a more comfortable, effective and safe functioning of our Website. Cookies are tiny text files, which are saved locally at your device and stored by your internet browser. All Cookies used on our Website are of the “Session Cookie” type. They will be deleted automatically after your visit on our Website. You may actively prevent your internet browser from installing these Cookies by means of the respective privacy settings; however, we would like to advise you that in this case, some features of this Website may not be available to you in full.

Third-Party Content

Content provided by third parties may be implemented within this Website, such as YouTube videos, mapping services based on Google Maps, RSS-Feeds, integrated online file-viewing software etc. (the “Third-Party Content”). By accessing this Website, you consent that SMP Schinogl Müller & Partner waives all liability for content provided by third parties, both regarding editorial content and technical function and safety of possible data transmissions performed via the third party content.

Especially, by accessing this Website you consent that, resulting from the implementation of the above Third-Party Content, we may be legally obliged to grant the respective third parties access to the data transmitted by your browser. We may not have any influence on the data possibly collected, processed or used by the respective third party via the Third-Party Content. In case of any inquiry regarding such collection, processing or use of personal data, please direct your inquiry to therespective third party, immediately.

Contact information regarding those third parties providing Third-Party Content to this Website may be found at the “Legal Information” section of this Website. We endeavor to keep this contact information up to date. However, we explicitly waive any responsibility for accurateness and timeliness of the contact information we have been provided by the respective third parties.

Encrypted Data Transmission

This Website uses a transmission safety certificate and encrypts any data transferred by accessing this Website. We employ SSL 128 bit encryption methods to protect your privacy according to current technology standards. Any access to our Website is encrypted this way.

Further Information

Your confidence is important to us. Therefore, we will be available for your questions regarding the collection, processing and use of your personal data at any time.

In case you would like to examine, approve, change or delete the personal data sent to us by you via our contact sheet, if you decide to object to the use of this personal data, if you have any questions not being answered within this document or if you require more in-depth information regarding any of the above aspects, please feel free to contact us via . With regard to your personal data, we concede any rights you may claim pursuant to German statutory law.